DX@Scale is becoming Flxbl

We believe in the clash of ideas and the power of an open community. That's why we are taking our independence and are transitioning DX@Scale into Flxbl.


Transition announcement

  • Announcement of the rebranding.
  • New visual identity.
  • Creation of the new GitHub Org.
  • Creation of the new Npm Org.
  • Creation of the Medium Org.
  • Creation of the LinkedIn Org.

Initiate transition

  • Transition Slack to the Flxbl brand.
  • Transition guide to support the switch to Flxbl.
  • Maintain parity between Flxbl and DX@Scale.

Execute transition

  • Documentation overhaul complete.
  • Parity between Flxbl and DX@Scale.
  • New website.

Transition complete

  • Rebranding complete.
  • End of DX@Scale maintenance in favor of Flxbl.
  • Sunset the DX@Scale online presence and link to Flxbl.