The definitive framework for a Composable Salesforce Org

Used by more than 250 teams worldwide, flxbl is a minimal framework that you can adopt for your Salesforce Org today!

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Results observed in the trenches

Faster, smoother, and more reliable

We are the leading Salesforce framework for modular development. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, no matter where you are in your modularisation journey, we have the approach and the tools to help you succeed.

We are powering more than 250 Salesforce Orgs worldwide.

See what some of our customers and community users have achieved, tomorrow it could be you.

Adoption without disruption

Coinbase migrated off Copado and adopted the flxbl framework to manage their Salesforce delivery pipeline.

In the first week they deployed 20 times with a 95% success rate. In three months they had reduced their deployment time by 50%, executed 192 deployments delivering more than 500 work items.

Pave your way to a Well Architected Org

By adopting the flxbl framework, Orde Financial not only reduced their deployment time but also embarked on a journey to a well-architected Salesforce solution: from one module to over 75 in six months.

They are now deploying daily with a 100% success rate in Production.

No trade-offs between speed and quality

K health was an early adopter of our framework. They reduced their costs and increased their team's velocity.

Now, they are able to spin-up fully integrated environments on demand.

Deliver business value daily

Expereo reached such a level of maturity they are now deploying new capabilities to Production daily.

Enabling the business agility they were looking for.

Customer Highlight

The flxbl framework implementation has been great for our Salesforce developers. We have cut over 50% of our time spent on deployments, which is driven primarily by a successful deployment rate improvement from ~75% to 95% across all environments.

Johnatan Devlin | Engineering Manager, Enterprise Applications

Customer Highlight

Since we adopted the flxbl framework to manage a heavy record based configuration, I swear by it. Went from two hours to 20 minutes.

Cameron Ridland | Director of Digital

Customer Highlight

it has been the best time and effort investment for our Salesforce delivery pipeline.

To make it even more precise: I can't imagine working with other CI/CD solutions on this platform in the future.

Roughly, our team's velocity has been multiplied by 3

Ruslan Kurchenko | Salesforce Technical Architect

Customer Highlight

Flxbl led us to scale from one release every two weeks to release daily. Salesforce Development has an ocean of known issues and trade offs, Flxbl covers all of them.

Diéffrei Tiepo de Quadros | Salesforce Technical Architect

Not a tool play

An entire framework to streamline your Salesforce implementation

We believe that by focusing on sane principles like modularisation, continuous integration and continuous delivery, we can build and maintain any org, at any scale, with consistency, confidence and a high level of quality.

To support this approach, we have built a set of tools and practices that we call the flxbl framework.


Comprehensive Internal Development Portal

Streamline your Salesforce development process with sfops, an all-in-one solution that combines powerful CI/CD workflows, environment management, and real-time development insights - all built natively on GitHub.

Drive operations by raising issues.

Drive operations by raising issues, be it releases,creating an environment or streamline your workflow and keep everyone in the loop.

Easy Package Management

Easily install or uninstall packages (unlocked/source/data/managed) across your environments.

Environment Management

Create new environments, fetch scratch orgs or sandboxes from a pool, and manage your development landscape effortlessly.

Manage Developer Permissions

Control access rights, grant temporary admin privileges, and freeze/unfreeze users directly through GitHub.

More effective pull requests

Get a comprehensive overview of active and recently closed pull requests, understand their metadata impact, and resolve conflicts efficiently.

Development Metrics

Track all the metrics that matter, from package usage and performance to deployment success rates, all in one place.


Summaries of Apex test executions in test-designated environments and static code analysis reports.

Complete Auditability

Every action is traceable and auditable, leveraging GitHub's native features. From issue-driven operations to environment approvals, maintain a clear audit trail for all activities.

Extensible Architecture

Leverage GitHub Actions for custom workflows, modify reusable components, and tailor every aspect to your needs. With full source availability, sfops empowers you to innovate without boundaries.


Build automation Engine

Designed to be seamlessly integrated in your existing workflows, requiring minimal modifications. Projects can utilize sfp immediately into their existing workflows as a drop in replacement for home grown scripts or commercial deployment tools.

Stop re-inventing the wheel and start using sfp to automate your Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management.

Built with codified process.
As we learned and faced new challenges, we codified our solutions into a tool: sfp.
Artifact-Centric Approach.
Ensure the consistency of your deployments, simplify your version management across environments.
Best-in-Class Mono Repo Support.
Stay in the flow, stop jumping between repositories.
Orchestrate Across Entire Lifecycle.
Describe your application in your project manifest, and let the sfp do its magic.
End to End Observability.
An unparalleled visibility into your Application Lifecycle Management Process.
Scratch Orgs and Sandboxes pools.
Development, Review and CI/CD enviroments in seconds, not hours.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that's right for your team and scale as you grow.

Product Pricing


Get Started

Our build automation engine is community driven and available at no cost.



$2,000 USD

Billed at $2000 per month, paid annually

  • Unrestricted source code access
  • Unlimited team members
  • Includes sfp-pro and dev central
  • High-touch onboarding with personalized setup assistance
  • Standard support: Response within 3 business days


$3,500 USD

Billed at $3500 per month, paid annually

  • Everything in Essential
  • Priority support: Response within 48 hours
  • 2 feature prioritization tokens per quarter


$5,000 USD

Billed at $5000 per month, paid annually

  • Everything in Premium
  • Dedicated Slack channel for faster responses
  • Guided walkthrough for upcoming features
  • 4 feature prioritization tokens per quarter
  • Customized training sessions for your team
  • Quarterly strategic review and optimization sessions

For sfp pro pricing, please contact us. We offer customized plans based on your team's needs.

Our Services


$50,000 USD


Enable continuous delivery/deployment for your current organisation no matter where you are in your modularisation journey.

  • Transition your org into the flxbl framework
  • Support the transition of your developers and admin into the new Ways of Working
  • Comprehensive assessment and customized implementation plan

Conditions apply. Details will be discussed during assessment.Prices are exclusive of sfops costs.


$6,500 USD

per month

Ensure smooth operation of your Salesforce delivery workflows with our hands-on platform engineering services

  • For 10 member teams
  • World-class platform engineering team support on demand
  • Continuous monitoring of key KPIs and weekly reporting
  • Quarterly strategic review and optimization sessions
  • Customization of sfops to your needs^
  • Minimum contract: 6 months

Additional team members (for every additional 10 members): $2500. Prices are exclusive of sfops costs.


$250 USD

per hour

Tailored Salesforce Platform Engineering and Development advisory services.

  • CI/CD practices consultation
  • Team topology advice
  • Custom scripting support
  • Application boundary advice
  • Refactoring guidance
  • On-demand expert advice for complex Salesforce challenges

Minimum purchase: 100 hours. Conditions apply.

Volume discounts and special offers are available for larger teams or longer commitments. Please contact us for more information.

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